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The Institute was founded in 2006 focusing on higher education theory,and acting as an advisory agency for JUFE's administrative decision-making. Since its founding, the Institute has always committed to the idea of “bases on JUFE, survers Jiangxi Province, focus on the whole country and stare at all the world”. With strong support from the university, and efforts from all teachers and students, the Institute have achieved a lot on academic research, talent development, social service and cultural innovation. In 2008 and 2011, the Institute was awarded a great honor respectively called “National Outstanding Institute of Higher Education Research”.

The Institute consists of one office (reference room) and three branches (Higher Education, Educational Economics and Administration, and Entrepreneurship Education). We currently have 8 faculty and staff members, including 7 full-time researchers, 1 administrative staff. Among them 4 hold doctoral degrees, 3 hold master’s degrees. We have 1 professor, 5 associate professors, and 2 assistant researchers(1 doctoral tutor, 4 master tutors). We have a well-organized teaching and research team.

The Institute offers a master degreein “Education Economics and Administration” (the first level discipline is Public Administration). According to the discipline and the needs for social development, the Institute set up three specialized directions inEducational Economics and Administration, Education and Human Resources Development, and Entrepreneurship Education to cultivate innovative entrepreneurs for education research, teaching, and working in large or medium-sized enterprises. 19 students graduated since 2007, and 10 students are enrolled now. Those graduates are workingeither in administrative offices in high schools or in large andmedium-sized enterprises. They have gained great performance evaluation from their employers.

The Institute has made great achievements in scientific research.It completed more than 24 provincial and ministerial projects (including one national education reform project, the national institute for educational planning,1 project of Education ministry and human social sciences,10 key Jiangxi projects)It has more than 10 projects higher than provincial and ministerial levels, more than 80 papers published and 4 monographs in education and teaching research (more than 20 dissertations)The research results obtained awards above the provincial level twice. In school-based research, it has provided decision services for the development of JUFE, and also played an important role in many aspects, such as drawing up to the articles of association of the university, the 12th five-year plan draft design, school running system reform, the construction of campus culture research, entrepreneurship education projects, and implementations of other major projects.

The Institute offers services to the society as well.Some of our faculty are hired as long-term consulting experts for the Ministry of Education, Jiangxi Provincial Committee of Education and other universities in Jiangxi. They were invited to preside or participate in projects of educational consultation, policy-making, teaching or program evaluation,and giving lectures. The Institute undertook many high-end conferences including National Conference on Entrepreneurship Education in Colleges, and Education and Teaching Reform in Colleges in Jiangxi Province, and made positive contributions to the development of higher education in Jiangxi.

The Party of the Institute plays an exemplary role in its research and teaching, and forms a “harmonious, efficient and clean working” environment. The Institute actively develops the characteristics and the good law of graduate students, cultivates the graduate students’ “academic thoughts and abilities,and party construction, and formes a unique brand of the party building of theInstitute.

Statistics as of May 30, 2013

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